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Whether you want to start a new MyXC Club in your community, convert your youth programming to MyXC, or start a MyXC Program in a larger ski club, we can help! Our program are very affordable and include insurance and SafeSport training for volunteers.

SkiSparks: Ski for Fun!

Recreational, 8 week program for ages 4-14, focusing on FUNdamentals and physical literacy of skiing along with being active and healthy outdoors in the winter. Insurance and SafeSport training for volunteers included!

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Starting a SkiSparks club
What is SkiSparks?

Skiwerx: Ski for Sport!

12 week, skills training for active kids age 9-14 with the overall objective of assisting children in the development of a love of the outdoors, a healthy lifestyle, excellent technical skills and a good level of physical fitness within a sport environment. Insurance and SafeSport training for volunteers included!

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Criteria to Start a MyXC Club or Program

  • Potential for 10 skiers (ages 4-14)
  • Sufficient volunteer coaches and a designated Leader
  • A chalet/building at your location where kids can warm up

New MyXC clubs or MyXC programs within clubs are always welcome. Clubs do not have to be in Minnesota! We have NEW MyXC (Central Youth Ski Leagues) branding for Wisconsin and Michigan. Program pricing starts at $20/skier and we can insure your younger juniors as well (under 18).  








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