New SkiSparks Club/Program


  • Recreational, 8 week program for ages 4-14.
  • Pricing per skier in an stand-alone MyXC Youth Club is $30-$50 depending on facility fees in your area (part of fee is your club budget).
  • Pricing per skier for youth programming within a US Ski And Snowboard Club in Wisconsin or Michigan (Central Region) begins at $25. 
  • Clubs typically meet for 1.5 - 2 hours, once per week for eight weeks

MyXC Provides

  • Volunteer registration, back ground checks and SafeSport/MAAPP Compliance (no additional fee)
    • ‚ÄčALL organizations serving youth are required by Federal Law to be MAAPP compliant. This includes registration, training and back ground checks for all staff, volunteers and board members.
  • Curriculum (daily lesson plans for six skill levels, eight weeks) (NOTE: Curriculum was rewritten and turned into an app in 2022)
  • Level Award pins
  • Discretionary Funds for club expenses (dedicated fund for your club)
  • Famous MyXC fleece hat for first year skiers
  • MyXC designed bibs with name tag pocket
  • MyXC coach bibs, color-coded by skill level for group management
  • Scholarship processing is paid for and built into registration! MyXC covers scholarship costs.
  • Access to SkiSparks Club Equipment Program
  • Non-profit status (often required for permits or local fundraising)
  • Insurance (Liability, Secondary Medical, loss of club equipment)
  • Administration and tax filing
  • On-line registration with instant roster reporting and email list management
  • Website (web page for your club, lots of great info)
  • Online K Counter and incentive awards (K pins at the club level and overall awards)
  • Jessie Diggins Blog
  • Leader/Coach Trainings
  • Access to MyXC programs and events
  • Access to subsidized branded swag for coach/volunteer appreciation gifts
  • Regular SnowNotes email updates
  • Lots of helpful advice, encouragment and answers to your questions
  • And much more ...

SkiSparks Club Equipment Program

Our goal is to insure that our equipment rental program is sustainable and that our existing rental programs have access to the equipment sizes they need as they continue to grow.  Applications are due September 10, 2021. Clubs will be notified on September 15, 2020 if they have been accepted into the rental program.  If your club is not accepted, we will work with you about alternative options and forward your application to the next season for consideration.  Please contact with questions about our rental program.

To Be Eligible 

  • Ski rentals (of sufficient quality and affordability) not available at your location.
  • A small rental fee should be charged to raise funds to expand the fleet of skis (generally $45/child in metro areas and $35/child elsewhere).
  • Club is responsible for maintenance, storage, distribution and waxing of the equipment.
  • A minimum of 12 skiers renting each year.

MyXC provides

  • 12 sets of waxless classic skis
  • Online collection of rental fees and sizing info per child
  • Dedicated fund to expand club fleet in future years
  • Great prices (wholesale or better) on equipment purchases for club fleet
  • Access to Birkie Foundation MyXC Grants
  • Temperature tested equipment labels
  • Advice and research on the most appropriate youth equipment


The one thing MyXC can't provide is YOU!  

SkiSparks Club Leader

We are looking for an enthusiastic adult who has a passion for getting kids and their families outside in the winter to learn the sport of cross country skiing.  SkiSparks is an eight-week MyXC Club Program. The main responsibilities of a club leader:
  • Be a welcoming presence to families in the club and be available each week to answer questions and support the club.
  • Provide parent support and communication to help cross country skiing be a positive experience for families.
  • Coordinate coaches and other volunteers throughout the season.

How MyXC will support you:

  • Club leaders have access to our research-based 8 week curriculum with daily lessons for 6 different levels.
  • We will provide skier and coach bibs, hats for first year participants, and administrative support.
  • Skier incentives are provided to your club at no cost.
  • We will send you subsidized coach thank you gifts at your request.
  • MyXC will send helpful advice, encouragement, task reminders, and answers to your questions throughout the season.

Ready to get more kids outside, healthy and on skis? Contact Amy for more information about starting a club in your community.