Everyone should have the opportunity to learn to ski. 
  • At MyXC, any family that indicates that they need a scholarship will automatically qualify for a 50% membership fee reduction. Please select this option on the Parent Information screen during registration.
  • If cost is still a barrier, please contact your club leader or Tabitha at outreach@myxc.org .
External Scholarships: 
We continue to explore partnerships with facilities that may offer ski pass discounts to increase access to our program. 

Wait List Policy

Wait List Process  

  • To be placed on the waiting list, please select the club name from the Find A Club list. Then click "Enroll in Waitlist".
  • Families are encouraged to register for an alternative club.  If space becomes available in your first choice club, we can transfer your club membership.
  • Priority is given to families who: 
    • Have adults or teenagers able to fill volunteer needs.
    • Help us meet MyXC's goal of reflecting the racial diversity of the communities our clubs are located in.
    • Have skiers that fit into levels with available space.


If you have questions about our registration or waiting list process, please contact amy@myxc.org

MyXC Abuse Prevention Policy

SafeSport Act

In 2018, Congress enacted a new Federal law, the "Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 which specifically requires amateur sports organizations to train all adult volunteers who come into contact with children regarding the prevention and reporting of child abuse.  It is more commonly referred to as the SafeSport Act.  

MyXC Abuse Prevention Policy & Procedures

As directed by the law, MyXC has developed a Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy as a foundation for a safe environment for kids, families and our volunteers.  The policy and procedures include the following:

  • All volunteers will now register through MyXC.org
  • MyXC will complete background checks on all club leaders and many of our coaches/volunteers
  • Explicit no 1:1 adult:child contact policy
  • Reporting procedure developed


All adults who are in regular contact with children or have positions of authority over children will complete the MyXC Abuse Prevention and Athlete Well-Being Training.  This training will also be made available to all parents/caregivers.

After completing the training, volunteers will need to complete the quiz to certify they have completed and understand the materials.

Refund Policies

Membership and equipment rental fees are refundable until Dec 1, less a $10 processing fee per skier. Equipment fees will be fully refunded if we can not provide properly sized equipment to the skier. After Dec 1, there are no refunds, unless for medical reasons (we must be notified before the first club meeting).

We do NOT guarantee that your club will meet on-snow for eight sessions. We do our best, but as this is an outdoor activity, it is not uncommon to have weather cancelations. Most clubs will reserve one day as "make up" at the end of the season. In cases of low or no snow, some clubs will choose to meet and do alternative activities, some clubs will meet at a location with man-made snow (typically at at different meeting time because of permit limitations), and some clubs may cancel.

If membership is canceled before sessions begin, 80% of the registration fee will be refunded. 
If membership is canceled within two weeks of the season start date, 60% of the registration fee will be refunded. 
If Skiwerx equipment was rented, it must be returned and a 50% refund will be issued.


To request a refund, please email info@myxc.org.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Health and Safety Pledge

  • All MyXC participants and volunteers will closely monitor their health and all family members' health.  If the MyXC participant or someone living in the same house as the participant is sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19 that you cannot attribute to another health condition you must stay home and cannot participate in in-person clubs.
    • Symptoms are: cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, fatigue, muscles or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea).
  • If the participant or volunteer has been exposed to COVID-19, call your health care provider and follow their guidance before attending in-person club.


SkiSparks Equipment Rental Agreement


Our rental equipment is in very high demand and we appreciate your cooperation in the allocation of equipment. 

In any SkiSparks club, a skier is allowed to rent one pair of skis and they must match the Level in which the skier participates. Example: Classic skis should be rented for Level 1-4 and Skate skis for Level 5-6.

Families that reserve rentals through our clubs are expected to fully participate in club meetings. If you know your family will miss more than two club meetings, please do not reserve rental equipment. 


Equipment rented through a MyXC club is intended for use in our clubs and under supervision of a MyXC Coach, Assistant Coach, or Sweeper.

We allow limited use outside of club meetings under parental supervision: 

  • Level 1-2 skiers are allowed to ski on any sufficiently snowy surface (back yard, local park, etc).
  • Level 3-4 skiers are allowed on groomed trails.
  • Level 5-6 skiers (skate skiers) should use extreme caution (skis are more fragile) and only ski on well-maintained, well-covered groomed trails. 

Equipment can not be used in any program outside of MyXC (for example, a Middle School Team). 


If equipment is damaged while skiing responsibly, there is no charge, but please alert your club Equipment Manager. 

If equipment is lost, damaged due to misuse or in a non-skiing incident, we will ask for a replacement fee. Examples: skiing in a parking lot, dog eats a ski boot, pole gets broken in the car, severe damage to skate ski bases. 

If any part of the equipment is damaged (including scratched skate ski bases), lost, and/or rendered unusable, the family will be expected to pay the wholesale replacement value of the entire item. 

We do not accept replacement equipment. 




When equipment is not being used, it should be kept somewhere dry and above freezing. This will prevent bindings from icing up. Boots should be dried thoroughly (in the house or heated garage).


Skate skis should ALWAYS have ski ties on when not in use. The bases are fragile and can be damaged by them rubbing together and by ski poles tips.


Registration Dates Winter 2024-25 (SkiSparks & Skiwerx)