MyXC believes in developing and supporting life-long outdoor fun and opportunities for kids and families. That’s why we developed our mission to empower youth to be confident outdoor enthusiasts and to continuously strive to reduce barriers to cross country skiing. 

Why? Well, because skiing is fun! 

We recognize that cross country skiing can feel intimidating to families who didn’t grow up skiing. It’s a sport with jargon (fish scales, classic, skating, oh my!), gear, and a short season–even if it doesn’t feel that way by mid-February. 

But when you start with the basics, it is a sport that caters to all levels and abilities. It is one of the few sports that families can do together from preschool all the way through the life stages. It offers a community. It offers the tranquility of nature while listening to the rhythmic sound of your skis against the snow. 

So here at MyXC, we actively pursue opportunities to connect with communities both who come from a long line of skiers, along with those who don’t yet know the joy in kicking and gliding across the snowy trails.