Ski Trailer

The MyXC Trailer is an enclosed trailer containing 70 pairs of skis, poles and boots primarily for children in grades 1-6. It is available to any non-profit organization to provide free skiing opportunities for kids. 

MyXC has been running its trailer program for 30 years with thousands of kid contacts per year. There was a major upgrade in 2014; a new trailer was purchased with help from the North Star Ski Touring Club, in memory of Terry Quam, new equipment was purchased with a Hennepin County Youth Sports Grant (with Three Rivers Park District being the fiscal sponsor), and the build out of the equipment storage system was done as an Eagle Scout project by Mike Choiniere.

Pickup and return

Users are expected to pick up and return the trailer from Hoigaards in St. Louis Park.

Note: the trailer is parked at their nearby warehouse (3945 Meadowbrook Rd, St Louis Park MN, 55426). Please make sure you are at the Hoigaards Warehouse. There is a large canoe trailer that you should park next to. Google maps is not completely accurate. It may point you just south of the creek, but you want to be just north of the creek. 

There is no one at the warehouse to assist you. Trailer KEYS must be picked up and returned to the ski service desk at the retail store during store hours (Miracle Mile Shopping Center, 5425 Excelsior Blvd, St Louis Park, MN 55426). The trailer hitch is 2" and a flashlight and shovel is recommended.

In the event that the trailer is to be used consecutively, the 'old' and 'new' users may discuss alternate rendezvous arrangements. The MYSL director will connect you.



Boot Euro Size: Boot # Skis (cm) Ski # Poles (cm) Poles #
28   4 110 2 100 6
29   4 120 18

30   9 130 9

31   7 140 9 120 14
32   7 150 8 125 10
33  10 160 3 130 10
34   2 170 11 135 11
35  11  

36  13 Total: 60
37  12

38   6

39   6

40   7

41   9

42  10

43   2

44   2

45  1

46  0

47  1

Total: 123

This selection of sizing works well for 2nd-7th graders.

MYSL attempts to start the season with all equipment in good working condition. If you notice equipment is damaged, please tag it with tape and let the MYSL director know. Since the trailer is often in continuous use, we have no direct method of checking equipment during the season.

Reservations and Requirements

Reservations are on a first-come, first-reserved schedule. In general the trailer can be reserved by a group for up to two weeks for Monday-Friday use. In this case, the trailer must be available for use during the weekend in between.

The trailer is available free of charge if you provide free programming for the users. If there are fees charged to the particpating skiers, you MUST contact the MYSL director to arrange a rental fee for trailer use.

The Minnesota Youth Ski League should be mentioned in appropriate fliers and communications to families as providing equipment (not "renting" equipment).

If your organization can afford to make a donation towards maintenance and replacement of equipment, it would be greatly appreciated.

To schedule trailer usage: Contact