Published on Sep 29, 2023

2023-24 Registration Schedule now posted! Most of our clubs fill quickly and rental equipment goes even faster. Our clubs are 100% volunteer run and to support that, we have a phased registration system that gives priority to volunteers! PLEASE consider volunteering. We provide online and in-person coach training and lots of support. Together we get over 4000 kids on skis each winter!
Please click HERE to see details on our Registration Phases and incentives
Important Dates 
Volunteers are expected to commit to attending a minimum of six club meetings. 

Oct 4th, 2023 Leadership Team Registration
*Volunteer approval unlocks skier registration.
*Leaders, Director, Equipment Managers and Outreach Coordinators.
*Most clubs still need help on their Leadership Teams
Oct 11th - 22nd, 2023 Primary On Snow Volunteers
*Volunteer approval unlocks skier registration.
*Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Level 4-6 Sweepers, Skiwerx Sweepers.
*This is our biggest need. Please consider coaching! We have a fantastic App with daily lesson plans.
Oct 23rd - 24th, 2023 Other Volunteers
*Volunteer approval unlocks skier registration.
*Not all clubs will approve this ahead of public registration (but most will)
*Level 2-3 Sweepers, Chalet/Snack Coordinators, Photographers, some clubs have self-defined positions
*Please remember, ALL Level 1 skiers must have a registered Level 1 Attendant (no priority for this volunteer position)

Oct 25th, 2023 9am Registration Open to the Public
*"Waiting room" feature this year to slow down the flow into the payment portal. You will have to keep your browser open to save your place in line.
*Please do your research ahead of time. See the Ski With Us link on our top menu bar.
*In the metro, you should have a few club choices in mind if your first choice fills.
*We can't transfer rentals between clubs.
*Make sure you setup an account and know your login before Oct 25th.
*If a parent registered skiers last year, the same parent should register the skiers this year. 
Outreach and Non-traditional Skiing Families
*We have a variety of partners and programs to help us increase our diversity and reach. 
*Spots are held for these programs until mid-December and if they are not used, we will release them to our waitlist.