Published on Apr 2, 2024

This ski club season has been phenomenal without snow. I’m impressed that we tried our hardest, and didn’t lose hope, even if we couldn’t ski! I could tell that everyone learned at least something from this season(even if it wasn’t skiing skills!). I am very grateful that we got to spend time outdoors with our friends, coaches, and fellow peers.
I’m happy to say that I think everyone enjoyed either a little or big thing (or maybe both!) like: making a new friend: playing outside: maybe it was games; camouflage, Mr Fox, Predator, Prey, or just running around outside and being themselves. Maybe snacks; birthday treats, pretzels, apples! And of course from being kids; smudging mud on their face, climbing trees, yelling and running around, camouflaging to match the Earth or just a peaceful walk through the woods.

I’m so grateful that we got to use the Middle school field to ski a tiny bit, even if there were a couple grass patches, at least we got to learn the basics skills: star turns, dead bug, etc. I am especially grateful for our Junior Coaches and the other coaches!  I also want to thank the parent volunteers. Also on top of that [the club leader]! She was the one who planned each Wednesday, each snack, each group, most games and more! She is the reason why we have a ski club. Let’s give her a standing ovation for all she has done to make our ski club experience exceptionally, tremendously, FABULOUS! 

Cheers to the second year of Ski Club! Cheers to you SkiSparks! Thank you so much for joining this club, whether level 1 or level 4, 5, 7, 4 or 9, THANK YOU! Let’s cheer for you fantastically, fantastic SkiSparks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!