Our SkiSparks and Skiwerx programming gives children the physical literacy and FUNdamental skills that puts them on the path to becoming life-long cross-country skiers. We celebrate our graduates every season and ask them to tell us about their future adventures. 

Once a skier enters 9th grade, they are usually beyond our programming years, but there are many paths they can take to continue skiing. In fact, research shows that the next two years of involvment in the ski community (9th and 10th grade) are critical to solidifying a persons future as an active and healthy cross-country skier.
Choosing one or more of these options are ways that MyXC Graduates can keep skiing:
  • Become a Junior Coach for a SkiSparks club
  • Join your High School Ski Team
  • Join a Junior Racing Club
  • Ski recreationally on a regular basis (try exploring new trails!)
  • Choose a fun race event in your community and set a goal to participate

Further reading and research: Creating Lifelong Skiers

If you have any questions about these opportunities, please contact