With a low membership cost per child and ski rentals available at most locations, SkiSparks is an easy and fun way for your family to get outside this winter. Scholarships are available. We welcome Adaptive Skiers into any of our SkiSparks clubs!

As a SkiSparks Member your child will receive a MyXC fleece hat (in their first season) and a level pin at the end of every season. There is also an online K Counter with an awards program.  Most of our SkiSparks families volunteer as coaches or Club Leadership!

SkiSparks Skill Levels



Who is this level for?

1 Red


  • Skiers in this age range.
  • Parent/Guardian must be on-snow (in skis or boots) during the session

2 Purple


  • Beginning skiers in this age range.
  • Skiers who can walk on skis and get up independently.

3 Blue



  • Completed level 2
  • Beginning skiers 9-10 years old. 
  • Skiers who can sidestep up hills, glide down gentle hills and use poles.

3* Blue


  • Beginning skiers who are 11 years old and older.

4 Yellow


  • Completed level 3
  • Skiers who have learned classic skiing technique, have a good use of poles, and are comfortable on hills.

5 Green


  • Completed level 4 and are ready for skate skiing.
  • Skiers with advanced classic ski technique.

6 Pink


  • Completed level 5
  • Skiers who know basic skate ski techniques.