Riverside Park

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Registration: Coming Soon
Meets: Sunday
01:45 PM - 04:00 PM
Starts: Jan. 7, 2024
Dates: Jan 7, Jan 14, Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11, Feb 18, Feb 25, Mar 3
Classic Rentals: Club Rentals Classic - online - $35.00
Skate Rentals: Club Rentals Skate - online - $80.00
Membership: $40.00
Ski Pass Required:
Leader: Jessica Mastellar
Skill Levels Offered: Level 1-6 Classic and Skate

Welcome to the Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club!


We need at least five (five) coaches each session, but preferably two per level. There are six (6) levels with Levels 1 through 4 being Classic Skiing and a combined Level 5 & 6 for skate skiing. 


Feel free to come out and join the 71-youth signed up so far, as we still need parents to volunteer as Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Junior Coaches (High School Skiers) to help play with the kids on snow while covering Minnesota Youth Ski League curriculum that you can view on your smart phone or computer ahead of time at 


You will have to enter an email and get a pin for access. 
1. Most volunteer coaches will use it in App form.
2. PRINTING: You can also put this on a desktop and if you change the view to 80%, you get a nice one-page print per lesson. 
3. There is a chat function for general coaching discussion.


Coach Training: 


Remember, the Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club is only as successful as those that volunteer their time assist the youth skiers that have signed up this season to ensure they have fun with you while learn the fundamentals on how to cross country ski. 

Check out the Minnesota Youth Ski League's (MyXC) YouTube Channel for recordings of our virtual Welcome Sessions and Coach Training. Please take a look at the Ski Games video as well to see examples of games and FUN (and to get psyched for the season).

Here are some video playlists to watch beforehand:

How to be a great youth Nordic ski coach video!

Sign up to volunteer today at

We use a games-based approach and have daily lesson plans by skill level. NO prior ski coaching experience is required. You bring the enthusiasm, a pair of ski equipment for yourself and we provide you the curriculum! No experience is necessary, as there are activity plan booklets for each level available for review before each session with MyXC curriculum also available online.

Virtual training videos available at

Total children signed up for the Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club as of February 2, 2024: 71

SkiSparks Level 1, ages 4-5: 13

SkiSparks Level 2, ages 6-8: 22

SkiSparks Level 3, ages 7-10: 14

SkiSparks Level 4, ages 8-14: 12

SkiSparks Level 5, ages 9-14: 9

SkiSparks Level 6, ages 9-14: 1

If you are interested in volunteering in anyway, visit the following web link to sign up as a Club volunteer:

All Volunteer Role Descriptions:

*If interested in any volunteer role, email and call Jessica Masteller (Club Leader) at 952-270-2344

Parent & Guardian Attendance Required at Club Sessions:

All youth skiers require a parent/guardian present while attending. Just to be clear, don’t plan on dropping your child off and picking them up after each session, since parents/guardians are expected to participate in some fashion, such as assisting with coaching. Once again, we stress that this is a very friendly, family-oriented program that is built around the kids having fun while also learning skills and techniques needed to become better cross country skiers.

*Special Note to SkiSparks Level 1 Parents and Guardians:
Parents and guardians of SkiSparks Level 1 skiers need to have one parent or guardian with their youth skier, but don’t have to have skis to assist. Just avoid walking on ski trails as much as possible. Level 1 skiers are required to have a caregiver with them. If you have a Level 1 skier, you must register as a Level 1 attendant, coach, assistant coach, or sweeper for Level 1. Register as a volunteer by logging in online to your account you setup to join the club at


Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club Sessions:

Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club sessions are held Sundays from 1:45 p.m. to 4 p.m. in January, February and the first Sunday in March 2024 at Riverside Park, Saint Cloud, MN. The only exception is Sunday, January 21, 2024, where we'll attend the 16th Annual Sons of Norway Barnelopet instead. Full schedule/times can be found at

Welcome to the all-volunteer lead Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club!


Cross Country (Nordic) Ski Equipment Rental & MyXC Bib Distribution:

The Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club will have access to the Riverside Park shelter on Sundays from 1:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and we will continue distributing Central MN Youth Ski Club Nordic ski bibs and rental sets to youth skiers at the beginning of each Club session for those families that rented ski equipment when they registered for the Club. 


Family Snack Signup for Club Sessions:

We need Club families to bring snacks each Sunday club session.  Please visit this web page link below to sign up your family to provide snacks at one Club session. 

Central MN Youth Ski Club 2024 Snack Sign Up List is online at:

We are looking to have four families each week to provide healthy snacks each session. Please plan on 60 to 90 children, as well as extra for 10 coaches, parents and guardians. Ideas for healthy snacks include clementines, granola bars, fruits and vegetables, etc. Skiers have been known to enjoy cookies too! Especially good are mint Oreo cookies! Kids may have peanut or other food allergies, so ideally the snacks will not contain peanuts and other food allergens (i.e tree nuts, eggs, etc.)

Hot cocoa and water will continue to be provided by the Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club, however families need to provide cups for hot liquids. Families that bring snacks during the week they sign up for are responsible for providing the styrofoam cups or equivalent cups that can handle hot liquids needed for hot cocoa, as well as taking care of preparing one pot of hot cocoa (heat water, pour hot cocoa, fill up a separate container of cold water, etc.) and snacks prior to session break starting at approximately 2:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and clean up after kid’s snack break by 3:30 p.m. or earlier. Each level may come into the Riverside Park shelter at different times, so please make sure they are all served before cleaning up. Club volunteer Marge Bates has been gracious enough to assist with this preparation, so please work with her when it is your turn to provide snacks.


Riverside Park Nordic Ski Trail Conditions:

Snow depth is variable week to week. There is snow at Riverside Park that fell Saturday, January 6, 2024 and Monday, January 8, 2024 with just enough to ski on for our youth skiers. They’ll need to stay north of the Riverside Park shelter on top of the hill until more snow falls, as there is not enough snow yet to groom trails. So, please keep you child(ren) on the grass/snow areas and away from gravel and concrete.

Sunday, February 4th Weather Forecast:

High of 46 degrees F & winds light and variable. Ensure you prepare your children with the appropriate clothing to be outside, such as dressing in layers, so layers can be taken off or put on, if needed, if they get too warm or cold.

Typically, when air temps are below -10 degrees F or -15 wind chill, the Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club will cancel or shorten that Sunday's session. If there is ever a need to cancel a session, it will be communicated via email to members. The Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club specifically meets around the warmest part of the day, which usually occurs from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Parents and care givers are the ultimate decision makers on what weather conditions for they are comfortable allowing their youth skiers to participate in. Parents and care givers should use discretion, as they know their child best. 

Please note to dress your youth skiers properly for the weather each club session.

If a volunteer Coach sees a youth skier without the proper winter attire, such as missing a hat, gloves, etc. on very cold days, they have every right to send that skier back to the parent/care giver or to go inside the Riverside Park shelter until they have the proper clothing to have fun safely outside with the rest of their group. Find winter clothing tips here!

Join the Nordic Ski Club of Central Minnesota!

Consider joining the Nordic Ski Club of Central Minnesota at They charge a nominal $20 family membership and you even get a Nordic Ski Club of Central Minnesota winter hat obtainable from a local ski shop in town, such as Revolution Cycle & Ski or Fitzharris Ski, Bike & Outdoor. Club outings are posted on their Facebook page, along with tons of other related Nordic ski information for the local area in and around St. Cloud listed in their annual meeting handout.


Minnesota Youth Ski League Kilometer (K) Counter:

Skiers can log their Kilometers skied anytime they ski this winter. MyXC K Counter is operational and links should be working (Ks) on header and footer of homepage. MyXC has been working on a few other improvements like being able to see your log history when you log in. Look for the logo (Ks).

There will be a club leader boards for the Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club. To receive a K pin from the Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club, please enter your child's Ks by March 1, 2024, so they can be recognized on Sunday, March 3, 2024 during our last Club session for the season. 

Award levels are now listed on the main page as well and we’ll hand them out at the end of the season. Skiers will qualify for these awards through their clubs: 25k, 50k, and so on. 

Central Minnesota Youth Ski Club Facebook page: CentralMinnesotaYouthSkiClub