Hixon Forest

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Registration: Open • Register for VolunteeringRegister Skier
Meets: Sunday
03:00 PM - 04:15 PM
Starts: Jan. 1, 2023
Dates: Jan 1, Jan 8, Jan 15, Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 12, Feb 19
Classic Rentals: Club Rentals Classic & Skate - online - $35.00
Skate Rentals: Club Rentals Classic & Skate - online - $80.00
Membership: $40.00
Ski Pass Required:
Leader: Chris Cogbill
Skill Levels Offered: Level 1-6 Classic and Skate

updated 12/5/2022 -  EQUIPMENT PICKUP will be Tuesday, Dec 6 from 4pm to 5:30pm at 423 14th St S. in La Crosse.  Sign up for pickup times using the SignUpGenius link received in a recent email!

Welcome to the 6th YEAR of the La Crosse SkiSparks Youth Ski Club!

Check out our Facebook page:

Schedule and location: Sundays in January and February

Our first meeting is planned for Sunday, January 1th, 2023 from 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM at theLower Hixon Forest parking lot. 

Our last week of club meeting will be Sunday, February 19th, with a make-up day for Sunday February 26th if the snow holds.

 Weather and cancellation policy

We will make a preliminary weather call on Thursdays and post it right here.  Look for language such as "likely/unlikely".

We will make a final weather or conditions call on Sunday morning by noon.  If a cancellation is necessary, it will be posted here and sent via email to families.  Assume practice is on if you don't hear otherwise! 

We will not ski if the air temperature is below -2˚ F or the wind chill is below -10˚ F, or at the leader’s discretion.  Because the little kids ski out in the open, wind is a big factor on the golf course at Forest Hills.  Always check the website or email with questions.  Cancellations will be posted on Facebook and this webpage.


Dress warmly, but dress to move! It's best to dress in layers and avoid cotton or cotton-blends. Suggested layers*:

  1. Base layer (underwear layer) wicks sweat off your skin: polypropylene or lightweight wool long underwear tops and bottoms
  2. Middle layer (insulating layer) retains body heat to protect you from the cold: a second long-underwear top, a long-sleeve (non-cotton) t-shirt or a lightweight fleece
  3. Outer layer (shell layer) shields you from wind and snow: heavy fleece or jacket on top and fleece pants/leggings or pants designed for xc skiing on bottom

*Please use your discretion and take into account your child’s activity level and the outside temperature/wind chill. Often winter jackets and snow pants or a snowsuits are too warm once children get moving. However, kids in levels 1 and 2 and older beginners don't move as much and generally wear winter coats and snow pants/snowsuits. Other tips for staying warm:


  • Wool socks: Invest in a pair of wool (or non-cotton wool-alternative) socks that come up to mid-calf.
  • Cover the head, ears and neck: We lose a lot of heat through our heads, so cover up with hats (that cover the ears), neck warmers, balaclavas or headbands.
  • Dry boots: Cold, wet boots are no fun to put on. Bring ski boots in from the car and let them dry out between uses. Before driving to SkiSparks, have your kids put their boots on at home where it's warm.
  • Mitten/gloves: Mittens will keep fingers warmer than gloves. Most kids where their waterproof snow gloves, but more advanced skiers may be more comfortable wearing breathable gloves designed for cross-country skiing.
  • Hand/Foot warmers: For when it is really cold, hand and foot warmers are helpful. These are oxygen activated and you can “turn them off” by putting them in an airtight container (such as a glass jar) to get multiple uses.
  • Calories: A skier who is low on calories will have a hard time staying warm. Bring extra snacks and drinks.



Children grow quickly and so we are happy we can offer quality rental equipment for a low fee ($35/classic, $80/skate) for the entire season. The club typically distributes equipment in early December and collects it once the snow melts in the spring. That means that your children can take their equipment home and ski whenever they want. 

You can can rent equipment at the same time you register for SkiSparks. Supplies, especially larger sizes, are limited, but we try our best to secure rental equipment for all skiers who request it. If you pay for rental equipment when you register and we ultimately cannot outfit your child(ren), we will reimburse you for the fees.


If you plan to purchase skis this season, we encourage you to do so early because ski shortages are becoming more common. You can also purchase used equipment at MYXC's annual ski swap.


We will be communicating with La Crosse myXC families via email.  When you register please include an active e-mail address.  You would be contacted for the following reasons:

  1. In the event we cancel because of weather.
  2. To let you know if we have to shift the time we are meeting because of weather or event.
  3. To clear up any questions we may have about your registration.
  4. To be given periodic updates with news and information about the ski club.


This is a volunteer-run club.  The success and affordability of this program comes directly from your contributions of time, energy, and talent.  By registering for this club, you are committing to the club’s success and are agreeing to volunteer. 

Level 1 skiers will need to be accompanied by an adult, who should register as a Level 1 Attendant volunteer.  Coaching at level 1 is a great way to accompany your child.  Please consider coaching as it is our number one need!  You do not necessarily need to coach at your child’s level.

Following are some suggested areas of volunteer service:


We really need your help!  This is our biggest need and is one of the most rewarding ways in which you can help the club.  Kids get more out of the program when the coach-to-kid ratio is low, and coaches need not be experienced skiers to volunteer.  The MYSL program makes it easy for a coach to know what to do.  An eight week curriculum has been prepared for every class level and each day's lesson is available via a mobile phone app OR printed on a card that can be carried in your pocket.  The guide also provides many helpful tips and games to keep classes enjoyable and interesting.  You do not have to be an elite level skier to be a coach.  All you need is a desire to help kids and have fun. 

Junior Coaches:

High-school aged skiers, we need you!  We encourage high school volunteers who are fun, friendly enjoy skiing!.  Coaching for MYSL could qualify as a service commitment for National Honor Society or other groups and think about how great this will look on a college application! 

Assistant Coaches:

As an assistant coach, you can support a coach by accompanying the group on the trails and helping skiers.  If you feel like your skiing level is at the same level as the level your kids are signed up for, you would be a fantastic assistant coach!  You are not in charge of the instruction, rather you are there to make sure the kids are safe and have an adult to take them to the bathroom, change clothes, assist with activities, etc..   

If you have ideas about how to help kids learn to ski, now is your chance to make it happen.

SkiSparks Refund Policy

Membership and equipment rental fees are refundable until Dec 1, less a $10 processing fee per skier. Equipment fees will be fully refunded if we can not provide properly sized equipment to the skier. After Dec 1, there are no refunds, unless for medical reasons (we must be notified before the first club meeting).

Contact info

Please email Chris Cogbill,