St. Mary's trails

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Registration: Coming Soon
Meets: Sunday, Thursday
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Starts: Dec. 1, 2023
Dates: Dec 1, Dec 2, Dec 3, Dec 4, Dec 5, Dec 6, Dec 7, Dec 8, Dec 9, Dec 10, Dec 11, Dec 12, Dec 13, Dec 14, Dec 15, Dec 16, Dec 17, Dec 18, Dec 19, Dec 20, Dec 21, Dec 22, Dec 23, Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 26, Dec 27, Dec 28, Dec 29, Dec 30, Dec 31, Jan 1, Jan 2, Jan 3, Jan 4, Jan 5, Jan 6, Jan 7, Jan 8, Jan 9, Jan 10, Jan 11, Jan 12, Jan 13, Jan 14, Jan 15, Jan 16, Jan 17, Jan 18, Jan 19, Jan 20, Jan 21, Jan 22, Jan 23, Jan 24, Jan 25, Jan 26, Jan 27, Jan 28, Jan 29, Jan 30, Jan 31, Feb 1, Feb 2, Feb 3, Feb 4, Feb 5, Feb 6, Feb 7, Feb 8, Feb 9, Feb 10, Feb 11, Feb 12, Feb 13, Feb 14, Feb 15, Feb 16, Feb 17, Feb 18, Feb 19, Feb 20, Feb 21, Feb 22, Feb 23, Feb 24, Feb 25, Feb 26, Feb 27, Feb 28, Feb 29, Mar 1, Mar 2, Mar 3, Mar 4, Mar 5, Mar 6, Mar 7, Mar 8, Mar 9, Mar 10, Mar 11, Mar 12, Mar 13, Mar 14, Mar 15, Mar 16, Mar 17, Mar 18, Mar 19, Mar 20, Mar 21, Mar 22, Mar 23, Mar 24, Mar 25, Mar 26, Mar 27, Mar 28, Mar 29, Mar 30, Mar 31
Classic Rentals: See next option
Club Rentals Classic - in person
Skate Rentals: See next option
Club Rentals Skate - in person
Membership: $60.00
Ski Pass Required:
Leader: Erin Holey
Skill Levels Offered:

Welcome to the Winona Skiwerx!


Skiwerx is an introductory racing program. It is geared toward the athlete that is in 4-6thgrade and interested in learning to ski FAST and maybe thinking of joining the Middle/High school ski team in 7th grade when they are eligible. We are requesting 2 years of MYSL experience.  We strongly encourage families to plan on attending the Midwest Jr. Championships in Minneapolis in March 2022 (exact dates to come). It's a fun format and a great place to test your skills against kids your age.  

Schedule and location

We will meet Sundays and Thursdays from 4:00-5:30pm at the St. Mary's trails. Dec meet in the day lot across from the Performing Arts center, until on snow. Once on snow, practices will meet at Yons on lower campus.  Sessions begin December 4 and go through March 4, 2018. Coaches will inform families if there are no practices.  No sessions during winter break and the Thursday/Sunday of Birkie week.


Register under the Skiwerx and Event Registration tab (Skiwerx-Winona).  Rentals will be fitted and paid for on site (not online). 



Announcements will be relayed via email (please supply the email address of the person/s that needs to know current announcements/cancelation information when registering)

Weather and cancellation policy

Practice will be canceled on any days that school is not in session/canceled due to weather closings or the air temp is below O degrees Farenheit. Check at 2pm, parent discretion is always advised.  I will try to send out an email before 2:30pm announcing cancelations. Or practice my be shortened due to cold.


Distribution  and payment will occur in late November and collection of equipment will be the week following the Midwest Championships.  (This gives you time to clean and wax the equipment for summer storage). You DO NOT pay for rental online.

Rental fee incudes 2 pair of skis (one classic and one skate), 2 pair of poles, and a pair of boots. Cash or check only.  $75.00 for the set. Which will be paid at equipment distribution.  November 26, 2018 from 5:15-6pm at Adventrue Bike and Ski. 

Families/athletes are required to learn how to glide wax and kick wax during  our demo night.  Waxing skis will be necessary during the season to protect the skis and to provide optimal kick and glide.  Attend the mandatory wax demo (for new participants) at equipment distribution.

Take care of equipment.  Only ski on snow, DO NOT ski in parking lots or across bike paths.  Misuse of equipment will not be tolerated.  i.e.) skiing over man made jumps, skiing down the sled hill, or skiing off trail.  Any broken equipment by misuse will need to be purchased by the renter for replacement.


Skiwerx welcomes volunteers to help with practice.  Let us know if you can help!

Parking and other fees

Parking is free in designated lots, but limited at Yons.  Trail fees are on a volunteer basis, we recommend contributing to the trail fund to help defray the costs of grooming and trail maintence, all done by volunteers!  The groomers actually do special grooming for us to make our play areas. Go to for more info. 


1.  Bathrooms are not easily accessible from the trail. Yons is a college dorm that houses music practice rooms, their bathrooms are not for public use.  Please make sure children have taken care of bathroom needs before practice.  Coaches CANNOT leave the group to take someone to the bathroom, parents can.  The Brother Jerome Center (lower level in the new dorm) has a warming area and bathrooms on upper campus for use.

2.  Clothing: Fall: running shoes and appropriate clothing for movement, sweat wicking clothing instead of cotton work best. Hat and gloves may also be appropriate. A water bottle is also recommended.  Winter: hats, water resistant mitten/gloves, and ski pants are required.   We also recommend wool socks to keep feet warm and wicking long underware.  You may also want to try hand/feet warmers, found at Fleet Farm.  Sole sports on 3rd St. carries children wool socks! Dress to be active!  Big puffy coats and regular snow pants may not appropriate.

3.  Please be ON TIME!!!  We do not want kids standing around getting cold while waiting for group members to arrive.

Contact info:  Garrick Holey  507-458-3822