Wild River State Park

Registration: Open • Register for VolunteeringRegister Skier
Meets: Sunday
02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
Starts: Jan. 8, 2023
Dates: 0
Classic Rentals: Club Rentals Classic - online - $35.00
Membership: $40.00
Ski Pass Required:
Leader: Stacy Johnson
Skill Levels Offered: Level 1-6 Classic and Skate


We are excited to have you join us for the 2022 ski season! The MYSL Wild River Ski Club is an all-volunteer club that teaches cross-country skiing to children at Wild River State Park. Children ages 4-15 and their parents are welcome, as are other volunteers who share in our goal of generating a love for Nordic skiing in youth and having fun in the snow.  Our club welcomes families of all ski levels.  


Our club was formed to help kids from ages 4-15 in the Chisago County area learn the life-long sport of cross-country skiing.  The low registration fee makes this a great way for younger skiers to experience the sport for the first time.  Our club is organized by volunteer coordinators.  Volunteer coaches introduce skills with fun activities. Volunteer coaches and coordinators are needed. Please email the club address, if you are willing to coach.  

2022 Schedule and Location:

Our first meeting date for the 2022 ski season will be Sunday, Jan. 2 at 2:00 p.m. Our “home course” is at Wild River State Park if there is adequate snow. If there is not enough snow to ski on, our back-up site is Elm Creek Park, from 3 to 4:30 pm.


Registration is handled online by clicking the “registration” link above.


Equipment rental fees can also be paid online.  If you have your own skis, be sure you have “classic” style skis if you are in levels 1-4 and “skate” style skis if you are in levels 5 or 6.  If you plan to purchase skis at a ski shop or a ski swap and have questions, please contact one of the leaders.  Skis with 3 pin bindings are not recommended.


Weather and Cancelation Policy:

We will not ski if the air temperature is below -10˚ F, or the wind chill is below -15˚F, or at the leader’s discretion.  Cancellations will be posted on this web page in the “Announcements” section above.  I will also e-mail a cancelation notice to each household by noon (12:00) on Sunday. 


Parking and other costs:

State Park Vehicle Permit (Day permit $7) or (Annual $35) is required for all vehicles entering a state park. This can be purchased and used at any state park.

Minnesota Ski Pass (Day permit $6) or (Annual $20) or (Three Season $55) is required for all skiers 16 and older. Purchase on line at:

: or at state park office.


Club Leader Contact Info:

Stacy Johnson



Cold feet and hands are the most common issue. Use this checklist for success:
  • Dry boots: Boots need to be dried out near a heat source between uses. They can’t stay in the car or garage.
  • Wool socks: No poly blends, no cotton. Really. I mean it.
  • Dry socks: A dry pair of socks needs to be put on right before you put on your boots. This makes a big difference.
  • No updrafts: Cold hands can often mean your body is too cool. Make sure jackets are not too big and billowy. To stop drafts, stuff jackets into pants, tighten drawstrings or wear a drink belt.
  • Put on a hat (and a neck gator): We all know we lose a lot of heat through our heads. But making sure your ears and neck are covered is just as important. I’m not sure how we used to survive without neck gators (buffs, muffs, neck warmers), because they seem like a necessity now.
  • Good gloves: Good ski gloves/mittens are an investment and can only be found at ski retailers, but they are worth it. Keeping track of these should be in your job description. These should not be your child's school playground mittens.
  • Hand/Foot warmers: I only use these when I have to, but I’m usually very glad I have a few in my pocket for emergencies. These are oxygen activated and you can “turn them off” by putting them in an airtight container (such as a jam jar). I get about three uses out of each pack.
  • Calories: A skier that is low on calories will have a hard time staying warm. Bringing back up snacks and drinks is always a good idea.

    Kilometer Counting ….


    Keeping track of your kilometers online. Directions are below;

    1.     go to our club web page.

    2.     click on the K counter tab

    3.     Click on where it says “click here to log in”

    4.     Fill in the info – (first name of skierlast initial of skier and then select our club from the drop down box)

    5.     Then for each date you ski, please enter a distance and a description of the (such as where you went, and any other info you want to keep – This is the skier’s journal for the season).  On our club web page you will see the skier’s first name, last initial and total kilometers skied - this is called the “K counter Leader board”.

    6.     To make things a little more even and because often it is hard to tell how many K’s a skier has gone when they are skiing around the backyard, as a rule of thumb you can count 15 minutes of skiing as one K.

    7.     log out when finished with your entry.