SkiSparks Equipment Manager


  • Reduce the largest barrier to new skiers by handing out correctly-sized equipment.

Goals and Responsibilities

  • Inventory club equipment
  • Order equipment needed to fulfill rentals
  • Pickup equipment orders at the MyXC warehouse
  • Hand out equipment
  • Follow up with skiers that need different sizes
  • Collect equipment at the end of the season
  • Store equipment (at home, facility or another option)
  • Manage equipment budget and submits reimbursements from equipment fund (non-metro)

Going Above and Beyond

  • Add a skate ski rental option to your club (which requires waxing maintenance)
  • Fundraising for additional equipment


  • Some background knowledge about skiing is helpful but not necessary
  • Spreadsheet experience is helpful.
  • Ability to organize and distribute skis.
  • Ability to arrange pickup of new equipment MyXC Warehouse in Minneapolis

Time Commitment

  • 2-3 hours per week in November and December (depending on size of equipment bank).  
  • 2-4 hours in March
  • Often a shared position in larger clubs

Requirements and Training

  • Complete Volunteer Sign-Up and pass background check
  • MyXC Abuse Prevention Training (online, part of volunteer sign-up)
  • MyXC Coach Training or Welcome Session is encouraged (virtual)
  • Pre-Season meeting with MyXC Staff