SkiSparks Leader


  • Creates a community that encourages kids and families who may be new to winter recreation to be outside, enjoy winter, and develop cross-country ski skills.  
  • Main coordinator for the club and the point of contact for MyXC Staff and families.

Goals and Responsibilities 

  • Promotes fun at their club!
  • Provide parent support and communication to help cross country skiing be a positive experience for families.
  • Set 8 club meeting dates and time.
  • Work with the facility to obtain necessary permits.
  • Make weather and snow related decisions for club meetings.
  • Read leader updates sent from MyXC Staff and delegate tasks.
  • Send weekly club announcements via email. 
  • Update club webpage.
  • Check and respond to emails received in the club Gmail account.
  • Promote volunteering (especially coaching) for your club.
  • Recruit junior coaches from local high school teams.

Going Above and Beyond

  • Working with facilities to improve grooming and/or snowmaking.
  • Hold a pre-season meeting for your coaches.
  • Organize fundraising to support your club discretionary fund or equipment fund.
  • Organize families to attend an MyXC event (MyXC Festival, Team Sprints, Skiwerx Race, Family ski at another trail, etc.)
  • Organize a season end celebration for your club.


  • Background knowledge of cross-country skiing is helpful, but not required.
  • No skiing required.
  • Access to a personal computer and internet.
  • Ability to attend weekly club meetings.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.

Time Commitment

  • This can be a shared position.
  • September - April, 2-3 hours a week.

Requirements and Training

  • Complete Volunteer Sign-Up and pass background check
  • MyXC Abuse Prevention Training (online, part of volunteer sign-up)
  • MyXC Coach Training is encouraged (in person and/or online)
  • HeadsUp Concussion Training - every three years (online)